Embedded Integration

Embedded Integration

Integrating Code from Different Sources

Leveraging on the strengths and experience of its team, Integrity-Project can quickly “dive into” complex code written by other developers, solve those difficult bugs, and integrate code from different sources. Whatever your need is, our experts are up for the challenge: bug-hunting, optimizations, enhancements or just simply connecting the parts together.

Network and Protocol Integration

Sometimes you need to integrate your product with existing network protocols. However, these can sometimes be undocumented, or implemented in a way that is non-compliant, protocol-extensions, or sometimes just plain buggy implementations.  This can become tricky and complicated.  Our expertise in connectivity is what can get you development back on track and on time!

Low Level Integration

We have solved exotic, critical bugs, sometime going as low as the physical layer, locating problems in board-design. This was done in extremely short timelines, sometimes at business-critical moments for our clients.

Design Considerations

Sometimes, you have those holes in your design that take long research, but can put the whole design/project at risk. Instead of spending your time researching, Integrity-Project will provide with reliable, experienced input.  Contact us today!

Some example projects:

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