Real-Time and Embedded Development

Real-Time & Embedded Development

Integrity-Project has a flawless history of providing high quality solutions for embedded systems. Our vast experience in developing end-to-end projects, including full board and specific module drivers goes unmatched.

Need a solid solution in short times? Integrity-Project will deliver.

  • We have developed for almost any platform imaginable:
    X86, ARM (Many manufacturer and boards), MIPS, Renesas and many others.
    Many DSPs platforms: Devinchi, TMS and many others…
  • We have developed all levels of code:
    Host processors applications, drivers, and low level ROM firmware’s
  • We have developed all range of solutions:
    Quick-fixes and patches, firmware and code modifications, full-fledged end-to-end solutions

Some Example Projects:

  • Complete USB stack – host and device, including all relevant host components, kernel modules and OS integration.
  • Complete Access-Point firmware.
  • Implementing numerous security protocols for wireless chips.

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