The Management Team

Elad RazElad Raz – Founder and CTO

Elad served in one of the elite branches of the Israeli military, where he led the design and development of extremely complex and top-secret projects. Elad has a unique understanding of low level software and operating system development, and is considered an expert in the fields of data security technology and development of drivers for data storage.

During the past years, Elad earned the respect of the low-level development community by demonstrating technical superiority and top-notch project management skills.

Shai Morag – CEO

Shai started his career in the elite program “Talpiot” – the most prestigious programs of the IDF, in which he earned his degrees in Computer Sciences, Math and Physics. Upon graduation, Shai served as an officer in an elite unit of the IDF intelligence corps for several years in which he carried out a diversity of positions: from research and development to project and product management, and eventually served as a group-manager, leading a group of product managers. During his service, Shai won several prestigious awards for ground-breaking projects, awarded by top officials in the IDF and Israeli Ministry of Defense. Upon his discharge, Shai worked as the founder and CEO of a software startup company and in 2010 joined Integrity-Project as the CEO.